E&M is a full service accountancy firm headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), the financial capital of India.

E&M services an impressive roster of clients that are leading companies (see Clients - Companies) in their own fields and recognized names nationally and internationally. The clients operate in a broad cross-section of industries. (see Clients - Industries)
E&M provides a wide spectrum of services to both national and international clients. It has service offerings both for established business and new business. (see Domestic Services)

E&M's niche is its highly specialized services for international companies with interest in India. It offers to its international clients a turn-key single-window cost-effective package of all services that it may need. Long years of servicing international clientele gives E&M appreciation of their special requirement and a demonstrated capability for successful, risk-free execution. (see International Services)

E&M's execution capabilities have a wide geographical reach both internationally and domestically. E&M can execute assignments in over 50 Indian cities and in 66 countries through 256 offices. (see Locations)

E&M has been rendering outsourced services to various organisations since the 1980's. (see Outsourcing)

If E&M's culture were to be summed up in two words, those would be "Solutions" and "Service"
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