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International Services

EM's niche is its highly specialized services for international

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Domestic Services

Locating potential partners in other countries viz.

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Accounting Services

EM has over 25 years' experience in providing outsourced accounting

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Your Gateway to India: Set up Company, Business or Commercial Relationships.

EM is a leading firm of chartered accountants headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay) , the financial capital of India. If you are looking at setting up a business or a relationship in INDIA, EM’s deep experience in this niche can help you achieve your India objectives.

EM has an impressive roster of international clients that it has helped over the last 25 years to set up in India and support them after the set-up. The international clients are spread all over the world – including Europe, the USA, Eurasia, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. In Europe, EM has client relationships in several countries including Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Greece etc. EM’s diverse clientele includes private and public companies, SME’s and Fortune 500 companies, traditional companies and digital enterprises, mature ones and start-ups, commercial and social sectors and even foreign governments.

EM enjoys very long relationships with its clients which is a testimony to the trust that its clients from all over the world have chosen to repose in the firm.

EM has a number of international institutional affiliations.

Most businesses today need and value speed. EM endeavors to match or better yours. This will be evident to you as soon as you establish your first contact with us.

India is a land of opportunity, but also of attendant risks. EM's mission is to help you minimize risks while optimising the vast Indian opportunity.

Identifying problems is common, solving those is not. EM is solution-focussed, it's motto is 'Solutions for Business'.

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