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EM is looking to expand its team with people who have competence, integrity, a desire to excel, keenness to learn, willingness to work hard, clear focus on results, and above all, deep respect for their own commitments. In return, they can expect a good atmosphere marked by a healthy work ethic and meritocracy that rewards superior performance faster than expected.

Unique Opportunities

EM offers you some unique opportunities. You get to work with numerous international companies. You also get diversified work exposure that includes India business set-up by international companies including joint-ventures, 100% subsidiaries, branch offices, liaison offices, project offices. The related work exposure includes FDI regulations, FEMA, due diligence, share valuation, international tax, transfer pricing, business model analyses etc. While you will continue to develop your core competencies, you will get a high-level and holistic view of business in general and international companies in particular.


EM offers its people a professional, challenging and stimulating environment where you will be an integral member of the team. You can look forward to experiencing an opportunity that will encourage you to grow on both the professional and personal fronts - by providing you with invaluable experience and knowledge in a variety of business areas and interpersonal skills.

We are looking for people with a range of skills and abilities. In our hiring, we consider your
• Prior, relevant experience
• Academic performance
• Commitment to outstanding client service
• Work ethic
• Organizational fit

Our current vacancies are listed below.

  • Chartered Accountants
  • CA - Retainers & Freelancers
  • Semi-Seniors
  • Articled Trainees
  • Accountants

Please download the format in which you should send us your C.V. at (click here for CV format download).
Your CV must contain details of your actual experience, preference if any, for specific service areas, current and expected remuneration and the period within which you can join if an offer is made.

Candidate Profile

Chartered Accountants
For our Mumbai office, we are looking for full-time chartered accountants with:
• 1 - 3 years' post-qualification experience
• strong statutory or internal audit background
• work experience in mid-size to large firm
• good computer skills
• experience of managing people
• good oral and written communication skills (essential)
• exposure to corporate and international client companies (preferable)

Caption your CV and mark the subject in your e-mail with "CAF-SA" if your main experience is in statutory audits/assurance work, “CAF-IA” if internal audit, “CAF-TAX” if corporate taxation or transfer pricing.
CA - Retainers & Freelancers
Required for Mumbai & Pune.
We use CA’s and other domain experts in the areas of assurance, corporate taxation, international taxation, transfer pricing, excise, service-tax, VAT, corporate law etc.
The arrangement could be either in the nature of ongoing retainership, or for specific assignments.

Caption your CV and mark the subject in your e-mail with "CARET".
Required for Mumbai & Pune
Candidates who have completed their articleship training and meet the following criteria may apply.
• Articleship in good mid-size to large CA firms
• strong work exposure in assurance, internal audit or direct/indirect taxation
• good computer skills
• good oral and written communication skills (essential)
• exposure to corporate and international client companies (preferable)

Caption your CV and mark the subject in your e-mail with "SEMI".
Articled Trainees
Required for Mumbai & Pune
The candidate should have good oral and written communication skills, analytical ability, good academic background, computer literacy and a desire to learn. They get diversified work exposure to corporate and international clients, client-facing roles, and opportunity to lead teams as soon as they demonstrate capability and commitment and stipend levels much above those prescribed by the ICAI.

Caption your CV and mark the subject in your e-mail with "ART".
Required for Mumbai.
Candidates should have a minimum 2 years computerised accounting experience, have good English communication, below 27 years.

Caption your CV and mark the subject in your e-mail with "ACCT".
Investment Team Support Analyst
Required for Mumbai.

Dedicated Support for the Investment Team of Calculus Capital Limited

Calculus Capital, a UK based venture capital investor, has retained AMA (associate of EM) to support the on-going work of its Investment Team. To deliver this service AMA is recruiting a full-time Investment Analyst who will be entirely dedicated to supporting Calculus.

Calculus Capital is an award-winning growth equity fund manager based in the United Kingdom. Calculus invests under the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts scheme, both are programs run by the UK government. Calculus invests in and supports high-growth, revenue-generating ventures primarily in the technology, life sciences and creative content industries.

The Investment Analyst role offers an opportunity to work in venture capital and apply a diverse range of business skills. Responsibilities will primarily focus on supporting the Investment Team in portfolio management (valuation etc.) as well as occasional work relating to the new investment process (market analysis, financial modelling, due diligence etc.)

The Analyst will be expected to work primarily from AMA’S office (or from home if appropriate). Working hours will be focused on UK working hours. Responsibilities will include:

Lead responsibility for the valuation of portfolio companies:

• Over 30 companies, each valued 4 times p.a.
• Prepare/update valuation models for all companies with supporting materials.
• Regularly research and refresh public comparable and transactions.
• Liaise with Calculus fund administration team and external auditors.
• Attend valuation meetings with auditors and supply auditors with follow-up information.

Take lead responsibility for portfolio company narrative preparation:

• Narratives provided to inform investor and board updates 8 – 10 times p.a.
• Narrative content supplied by portfolio directors, however Analyst responsible for designing, implementing and leading process to ensure timely preparation of consistent narratives.

Team administration

• Participate by video-call in Investment Team daily meetings (09:00 and 16:30 UK time).
• Manage new opportunity pipeline database, including periodic reporting to team of key metrics.
• Manage centralized Investment Team new opportunity email inbox.
• Manage NDA database.
• Manage portfolio company and new opportunity company information database to ensure consistent filing of key standing data and monthly information (e.g., board packs).
• Creation and maintenance of a fund-by-fund valuation model (both EIS and VCT).

Competitor Tracking

• Establish list of key competitor funds.
• Over time develop database of competitor investments / exit case studies.

Occasional support with review of new investment opportunities

• Market analysis, competitor review, preparation of cash flow and other financial models.
• Preparation of memoranda, auxiliary analyses and documentation to support the investment decision.
• Assist and support management of the investment process including coordination of financial, legal and commercial due diligence undertaken by third party advisers.
• Contribute to investment discussions/strategy as required.

Occasional support for Fund Administration Team

• Ad hoc support focused on data analysis / extraction of other teams within Calculus.

Preferred Background

• Undergraduate degree.
• 1-3 years of relevant experience with good understanding of financial statements and valuation methodologies.
• Open to working UK timings.
• Excellent English communication skills.

In your cover mail, answer the following question in 100 words “As a growth investor, which is one private company you would like to invest in and why?”