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EM's execution capabilities have a wide geographical reach both internationally and domestically. EM can execute assignments in over 50 Indian cities and in 60 countries through 230 offices worldwide.

International Reach

EM is the exclusive Mumbai (Bombay) member of "INPACT" an international accountancy network ranked among the top worldwide accounting firms/networks. INPACT has strong presence in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Some statistics about INPACT’s global reach and resources:

  • Countries with member firms: 60 countries
  • Cities with member firms: Over 140 cities
  • Offices: 230 offices
  • Professional staff including partners: 3500+

The INPACT membership equips EM to provide consistent and comprehensive services to its clients across different geographies. It places at EM's disposal a vast reservoir of international know-how which helps mitigate risks, apart from costs, for its clients.

Domestic Reach

Through its own offices, its resident employees and a wide network of associates, EM has been executing assignments in over 50 cities in India. This covers all the metro cities, most Tier-II cities and some smaller cities.

EM has developed this network for its clients who derive obvious advantages from it viz. lower execution costs (since most work will be carried out by local/proximate personnel, thereby avoiding the logistical costs), standardized reporting and central quality control.

EM Headquarters

EM occupies entire floor of an office building in a premium Mumbai (Bombay) suburb that is one of Mumbai’s prime business districts. The offices are modern and adequately resourced – including telecommunication facilities, LAN, multiple broadband connections, conference rooms, projectors etc.

In the early stages of their India set-up, many of our clients use our facilities for their meetings with third parties too.