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Demand Surges for Merger and Acquisition Consultants in India

Merger and Acquisition consultants in India are currently seeing an improvement in transaction volumes and activity.

They have also been helping some of the big players in sealing their position as market leaders through inorganic expansions. Simultaneously they have been assisting the troubled entities in the insolvency process by finding buyers.

2017 witnessed new trends in mergers and acquisitions with some big-ticket mergers taking place, including the recent mega-merger of Idea Cellular and Vodafone India in 2017.

Companies, in these cases, need to invest a lot of money into their business or merge themselves with other companies and merger and acquisition consultants have a significant role to play in such cases. Issues such as finding the right buyer/seller, negotiating a fair price, carrying out a due diligence, completing the paperwork related to the transaction and filing various reports such as valuation reports with the government authorities are all critical. A transaction can often take anywhere between three months to a year to reach completion.

As valuation requirements become more stringent, the demand for valuation services in Mumbai from established valuation firms is increasing as well.

These firms advise on different tasks including valuation of business, equity shares and intangible assets, for commercial as well as statutory purposes.